Calendar and Timetable

To comply with COVID-19 Alert Level 2 restrictions around groups and social distancing, our Sunday 16th August and Sunday 6th September services have been cancelled.

Standard Public Train Timetable*

*Standard timetable does not mean all trains and dates are run.
Check Tickets to confirm a train will be run.

Trip 1 (Standard Running Day)

Glenmark Depart 11.30am
Waikari Arrive 12.15pm
Waikari Depart 1:00pm
Glenmark Arrive 1:35pm
Trip 2 (Standard Running Day)

Glenmark Depart 2:00pm
Waikari Arrive 2:45pm
Waikari Depart 3:10pm
Glenmark Arrive 3:45pm

Fares and timetables may change without prior notice. Check the booking/ticket for your train to confirm

See our top travel tips (printable pdf) for some suggestions on how to make the most out of your day.